Clean Squirt

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Did you know we make a simple and effective cleaner?  Say hello to this cute squirt! Clean Squirt is 50% stronger than typical hand sanitizers.  This liquid alcohol-based cleaner can be used on hands and surfaces!  Just a little squirt will do!  

Stronger than common hand sanitizers with 50% more alcohol! Our Clean Squirt hand & surface sanitizer is made with a simple effective ingredient, recommended by W.H.O., CDC and the FDA to help reduce bacteria and viruses that can cause disease.  No bad odor. About 600 squirts per bottle! This is a liquid and can be used on hands and surfaces. Made in the USA


What is this product made of? Pure 99.5% Ethyl Alcohol plus an embittering ingredient. It is a liquid and can be used on non-porous surfaces as well as hands.  The CDC, W.H.O., and FDA all recommend Ethyl Alcohol (aka Ethanol) be used as the main ingredient in hand sanitizer. 

Your price seems high for 2 oz, why is that? Clean Squirt is made without any fillers, it's pure Ethyl Alcohol. Our bottles are heavy glass with high-quality pumps (they are reusable!). The bottle contains 600 squirts, which is roughly 3-400 applications! We are a family-owned and operated company and we pay our employees fair wages here in Pennsylvania.