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Every winter in the Coal Region of Pennsylvania, families gather to make their closely guarded Boilo (Pronounced Boil-o) recipe. Created by Lithuanian and Polish immigrants replicating honey liquors known as krupnikas from the homeland, each recipe is unique, passed generation to generation. They all share the same base combination of oranges, lemon, honey, aromatic spices, and moonshine or whiskey. These ingredients are slowly mulled in a big pot or a crockpot to allow the aroma and flavors to blend.

Many say that this brew has curative effects, but we can all agree that it fills the house with an amazing aroma and makes the coldest days warm.

Though the directions on the bag state to use water, we're big fans of using apple cider for an extra layer or flavor.

A quick and easy way to make The Coal Miners most iconic and infamous beverage. One Pouch of Boilo hot toddy mix , contains enough to make 4 - 750ml bottles of Boilo. Just add 1 packet of mix, 16 oz. of water (or cider), 3/4 cup of honey, and of course, 1 cup of Four Queens 101 proof blended whiskey in a blender. Bump the blender slightly to prevent over foaming , and pour a serving into your favorite microwaveable cup for warming. Warm at 10 second intervals to prevent overheating. You want to drink it hot like coffee but don't burn yourself !!

Please drink responsibly.

Omit alcohol for a great warming beverage for all ages.