Air Plant Tear Drop (Includes Air Plant)

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Perfect for a bathroom, kitchen or anywhere you would like to enjoy a little greenery in the home or office



Light - Bright, indirect sunlight is ideal. All plants need to photosynthesize to live; do not place your plant in a low/no light room.

Watering - Air plants are one of the easiest plants to care for. Choose one of the watering methods listed below. Soaking - Soak your plant in room temperature water for 10-15 minutes every 2 weeks; lay flat to dry before returning to your vessel. Misting - Mist your plant thoroughly 1-2 times a week depending on climate and location. Rinsing - Rinse your plant in lukewarm water 1-2 times every 2 weeks depending on climate and location.


Each holder is made by hand and will vary slightly; measures approx. 3.5" l x 2” w

Listing includes air plant with the ceramic vessel